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A Policy Checklist for Enabling Persistence of Identifiers

Nick Nicholas and Colleagues have published an excellent article in Dlib which explores the need for a clear policy framework in establishing a persistent identifier schema.

One of the main tasks of the Persistent Identifier Linking Infrastructure (PILIN) project on persistent identifiers was to establish a policy framework for managing identifiers and identifier providers. A major finding from the project was that policy is far more important in guaranteeing persistence of identifiers than technology. Key policy questions for guaranteeing identifier persistence include: what entities should be assigned persistent identifiers, how should those identifiers be exposed to services, and what guarantees does the provider make on how long various facets of the identifiers will persist.

To make an informed decision about what to identify, information modelling of the domain is critical. Identifier managers need to know what can be identified discretely (including not only concrete artefacts like files, but also abstractions such as works, versions, presentations, and aggregations); and for which of those objects it is a priority for users and managers to keep track. Without working out what actually needs to be identified, the commitment to keep identifiers persistent becomes meaningless.

To make sure persistent identifiers meet these requirements, the PILIN project has formulated a six-point checklist for integrating identifiers into information management, which we present here. »read full article

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