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Google Wave – Information Objects in Action

An interesting product was demonstrated at this year’s Google I/O – Google Wave.  The trend from old fashioned “paper centric” e-mail towards full online collaboration takes a leap forward with “wave” building in the best from the web 2.0 era – blogging, social software etc.   The key to it is the Google vision that every information object (picture, person, comment, caption …) should exist once in the cloud with a unique identifier.  Objects can be reused anywhere and whenever they are changed by the originator, they change everywhere they have been used.  This is fantastic for information management but has interesting challenges for records management and information governance.  It is also dependent on the cloud being there of course.  It is scheduled for release at the end of 2009 – perhaps just in time for Online 2009.  Let’s hope so.

The true power of open-linked data

Tony Hirst has just posted an excellent article demonstrating how open-linked data and mash-up tools can transform the presentation and hence the value of information “Visualising MPs’ Expenses Using Scatter Plots, Charts and Maps”. MP’s expenses are a hot topic in the UK at the moment and a spreadsheet of them was posted by the Guardian. Tony Hirst shows the challenges and successes of using open-source tools to present this data in ways that make it much more usable. When I think of how much the first Executive Information Systems cost in the 1990s! The would make an excellent case for Online Information 2009 – and we will be tapping Tony on the shoulder!